Shaker Platform H.D.

IKA model KS 501 digital shaker

With a detachable 15 way flask holder platform

In good working condition

Electrical safety tested

A sale-on-behalf – $850

The new price is $7251 USD!

Low profile laboratory orbital shaker with large mounting surface and load capacity of up to 15 kg.

See link below for details.,-Lab-shakers-csp-179/KS-501-digital-cpdt-25002985/

  • Infinitely variable speed control from 0-300 rpm
  • Digital display
  • Orbital diameter 30 mm
  • Ideal for vessels with a volume of more than 250 ml, e.g. round flasks, Erlenmeyer flasks, culture flasks and bottles
  • Ideal for biological and microbiological growth tests and for production of stock solutions
  • Continuous operation (endless) even under extreme loads
  • Timer function

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