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We often hear from customers who have experienced poor service, excessive delays, and incompetence from Lab equipment companies here in NZ. so from our inception in 1993 our goal has been to provide an unrivaled service for our customers and to offer them the “personal touch” and for the last 26 years we have earned a reputation as NZ’s best and fastest lab equipment and scientific instrument service specialists

If your lab equipment or Scientific instrument has stopped working or is faulty?  send it to us and we will assess it the same day and email you a free service-quote for the repairs. Although our Scientific instrument & Lab equipment service centre is currently based in Auckland, we can offer you free service assessments and quotes from your emailed digital photos if you are based farther south or even on the Mainland

We offer 24 months warranty on all our new Lab balances and a minimum of three months warranty for all our used scientific instruments and lab equipment.

We can also offer you competitive quotes for new Scientific Lab equipment from our many affiliate scientific instrument and laboratory equipment suppliers.