Muffle, Tube, and Vacuum Lab. furnaces


Our best selling MX Lab furnaces

Available in 1000C, 1200C, 1300C, 1600C, or 1700C max. temperatures with heater element alloys to suit.

Temperature controllers come in single temperature & time adjustable mode, or with the TP option (Temperature Programmable) with A.I. multi-programmable multi-ramp-soak-hold functions and auto tuning.

Optional stainless steel vent-exhaust system for removal of volatile or hazardous gases

All our Lab furnaces can be offset-adjusted for accurate temperature calibration using the controller’s internal offset-function.

Temperatures can also be monitored externally with your own digital thermometer with easy rear panel access to the TK (K type) Thermocouple terminals at the rear panel if needed (see photos)


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Model QSH-1200M-4055T


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