Used lab equipment

Used Lab Equipment


Bacti-cinerators Reaches sufficient temperature to incinerate organic materials 2 for only $295   ...
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Bench top centrifuge

Kubota 8100 Max speed 3000 r.p.m. Has 4x6 x50ml tube adaptors installed for a total of 1.2 litres Only $950 ...
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Shimadzu AEM5200 micro-balance 5.200000g  (6dp) Why pay $35000 plus? only $595 ! A sale-on-behalf ...
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Sartorius Miras precision scale

Sartorius Miras 6DCL 6000.0g  (NEW) German made - IP65 load cell Range:  0 to 6kg @ 0.5g scale  readability precision ...
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