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 Shimadzu Scientific MOC63u  NZ’s best seller!

MOC63u Moisture analyzer brochure

  • Precision Moisture Analyzer
  • 63.000g
  • Repeatability:
    – 0.15% (2g)
    – 0.05% (5g)
    – 0.02% (10g)
  • Long-life halogen heater
  • quick and accurate measurement
  • Temperatures from 50 to 200 C
  • Communicates directly to a PC

MOC63uFor every type of Industry

  • Measurement of bio-fuel by-products
  • Measurement of polluted sludge
  • Q.A. of drugs and cosmetics
  • Q.A in harvest and processed food
  • Q.C. in paint manufacturing

MOC63u Temperature Calibration Kit

For use with a Thermocouple or an RTD thermometer probe

Shimadzu Scientific Model MOC120H

MOC120H    pdf

  • Precision Moisture Analyzer
  • 120.000g
  • Repeatability:
    – 0.05% (5g – 10g)
    – 0.02% (10g+)
  • Variable speed drying modes
  • Temperature 30 to 200 C
  • Communicates directly to a PC with Windows®Direct function

Shimadzu MOC120H moisture analyzer

Large Pan
A large sample pan (130mm diameter) enables a large amount of sample to be placed evenly in a thin layer. This results in accurate and fast measurements with minimal drying non-uniformities.

Long-life heater
A mid-wave infrared quartz heater provides effective drying without interference for a wide range of samples. In addition to the excellent drying performance, it offers a long operational life of 20,000 to 30,000 hours.

UniBloc sensor
The internal precision weighing balance is engineered with a Shimadzu UniBloc cell. The mechanism provides excellent stability and a long operational life against repeated temperature changes, enabling easy measurements down to 0.001g.

Moisture vaporization monitoring
The moisture vaporization rate is monitored and can be visually seen on a bar graph display. This is useful to know as the measurement nears completion. It updates every 30 seconds.

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