AA Spectrometer

GBC Advanta Flame AAS with air acetylene burner and p.c. s/w

Used daily until 18 Oct. 2021 and works well.

Includes 24+ H.C. lamps; Ca, Mg, Na. K, Fe-Mn are mounted on the turret.

Plus 11 H.C. lamps shown in the photo above; Fe-Co-Ni-Mn-Cu-Cr, Al, Ag, Ca-Mg, 2x Sn, 2x As, Na-K, Cu, Cr. Also have other lamps for Cu, Zn, Cd, Ni, Cr, Pb, B, Al

Save a fortune! Why pay $30K+ for a new one?

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Lab oven 750L

SF750-Plus Memmert Steriliser Oven

Imported new from Germany in 2019 for over NZ$20,000

This 750 litre capacity Lab oven is “as-new” in fact it’s never been used! and still has the plastic wrapping on top. The shelving comprises of 2 shelves that came with the instrument and then the owner had 10 stainless steel shelves made here which were $600 each. This was intended for a project which never eventuated.  So their loss is your gain!

Download PDF specifications here;  Memmert-Steriliser-SF750.en

Dimensions; w(D) x h(E) x d(F): 1224 x 1720 x 784 mm (d +2x56mm door handle)

only $13,500+gst

You save over $10,000 !!!

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