Centrifuge. Scan speed 32 Vacuum concentration centrifuge

MiniVac B  scan speed 32 evaporator system

Why pay $13,000+ new?

See pdf here: LaboGene_ScanVac_MiniVac_vakuumcentrifugak

The MiniVac systems are compact, environment friendly centrifugal evaporators, designed for rapid and efficient concentration or drying of small samples in tubes. A high sample throughput and recovery, especially on RNA/DNA samples is achieved with ease and reproducibility whilst maintaining complete sample integrity.

MiniVac Beta Evaporator

Supplied complete with a Vacuubrand MP2.2 teflon menbrane pump to 7 mBar including DC drip catcher, ice cube container and all accessories. Also included are all connectors, hoses, clips and also a multipurpose Eppendorf rotor for 48 x 1.5-2.0 mL or 76 x 0,5 mL Eppendorf tubes. The only operational requirement is to empty the drip catcher of any carried over liquid.

All in excellent condition!


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