Silicone-rubber door seals

We now have both seal types for all Contherm Lab ovens and incubators.

These new high temperature door seals are more durable than the original door seals and are safe for use at temperatures up to 300C

GP2099 door seal

This is the earlier style GP2099 door seal as used on most of the pre-2000 Lab ovens and incubators and is now supplied in high-temperature 300C silicone rubber, just like the later style GP1190 door seal.

GP2099 seal  –  $95+gst per metre

GP1190 door seal

This is the “floppy” wide-profile GP1190 seal used on the later (post-2000) Thermotec Lab Ovens, Biocell Lab Incubators and Cooled Lab Incubators. It is the latest high-silicone-content seal and is suitable for use at temperatures up to 300C .

GP1190 seal  –  $105+gst per metre


GP1190 seal