Model LIT-9420   floor standing lab oven

Internal volume litres: 420

External dimensions: W75-D75-H167cm

Internal dimensions: W60-D55-H130cm

Weight: 125kg    Shelves (optional up to 10)

 Temperature range: RT+10C to 250C

Temperature stability: +/- 0.5C

Temperature precision: ± 0.1C  – Pt100 temperature sensor

Spatial test temp tolerance: +/- 3C @ <110C

Spatial test zone parameters: >5cm from  internal walls, top and bottom

Ambient operating temperature: +10C to +35C

Internal air convection: 3 fan motors

Exhaust vent: rear vented

Nominal power: 400vac 4.0KW  3 phase

Optional: Programmable ramp-soak multi-step temperature controller. 

Optional: A choice of door color and door securing mode; adjustable handles or adjustable latches.


Optional:  Programmable  controller

Programmable ramp-soak multi-step temperature controller